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Street Fighter 5 Story Mode ‘A Shadow Falls’ download available now, launch video released

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Capcom has released a new video of Street Fighter V which presents “A Shadow Fall”, the name of the story mode which is available for free through an update of the title.

Street Fighter 5 Story Mode

Since its release in February, Street Fighter V was criticized for its unconvincing content. Capcom continues to enhance its fighting game through updates, including that of Friday, July 1, which brings a lot of novelties.

Expected for several months, the story mode called “A Shadow Falls” is finally available for free download. To give us a taste of what script does this single player mode has, the publisher has released a launch trailer that has several characters from the roster.

Meanwhile, remember that the characters of Ibuki and Balrog are available today in the selection of playable fighters.

Finally, the update also brings new levels (one for Ibuki and for Balrog) to buy with the Fight Money or real money. Online Fighting is also improved in stability.

Check the list below:

New stages – Balrog’s Las Vegas stage and Karin’s Kanzuki Family Private Beach stage are brand new and will be available to purchase using Fight Money or real currency. Additionally, three new alternate stage options will become available.

New costume options – Premium Battle Costumes for all 20 released characters, as well as Karin’s Premium Summer Costume, will be available to purchase using real currency. Balrog and Ibuki’s Story Costumes will be purchasable using either Fighter Money or real currency.

In-game Currency Shop – The in-game store will be upgraded with the PlayStation Store and Steam real money purchase options, for their respective platform. For players who want to purchase content like new characters, stages and costumes outright without using Fight Money, the process will be familiar with purchases happening through the established first party infrastructures.

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Matchmaking improvements – Faster and smarter matching, resulting in higher quality matches and a better online experience overall.

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