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Street Fighter 5 Mod allows you to play as Tracer from Overwatch

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As always, the community of PC modders surprises us with no official crossovers that we did not know we needed. This time we present the mod of Overwatch Tracer on SFV of THEJAMK, in which, as its name implies, leading to the British charismatic to Street Fighter V.

Street Fighter 5 Mod Shows Tracer from Overwatch

As you’ll see in the video released by PC Best Mods on YouTube, the mod is only a skin that replaces Cammy with Tracer. That is to say, to install and select the character of Blizzard actually you will be using Cammy, so that you cannot use their skills time travel.

Having said that, the mod looks fantastic and I’m sure more than one of our readers will want to install it. Without further ado, I leave you with the video showing this mod in action:

In case you do not know, Overwatch is the first shooter game in first person from Blizzard, in which, just a month of its launch, is already incredibly popular.

Street Fighter V came to PlayStation 4 and PC in February and we found it a great fighting game, so it is not surprising for its popularity in the competitive scene. Probably we will see changes that will bring part of the shooter cast for  Street Fighter V throughout the year, as the popularity of the title is steadily increasing, as well as characters from various other franchises.

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