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Street Fighter 5 March Update download available now

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Capcom has just put online the new update of Street Fighter V, bringing several fixes as well as new pending major additions that will occur in June.

Street Fighter 5 Alex

Available for several weeks on PC and PS4, Street Fighter 5 has spilled much ink at its server problems – now resolved – and the lack of content alone. Pending a major upgrade that will expand the story mode in June, Capcom gives us a new update of its versus fighting game.

This patch, available for download today, integrates the Challenge mode. You can effectively train with the 16 characters in the roster, including through tutorials to learn the different strikes and more advanced lessons to perfect our mastery. Combos tests are also needed, so to test our efficiency on the fighters.

Still at the latest, the option of online rematch is henceforth active. This allows for a contrast facing the same opponents online, whether friendly or ranked fights. The Battle Lounge also benefited from an improvement, since it can now accommodate 8 players and spectators.

As Capcom is accustomed to the previous installment of the franchise, a gameplay-related rebalancing was also made.

Another update will take place on March 30, including a new character Alex. This time, his story mode will be also integrated. This content will be free for a limited time, Capcom has planned to offer this premium content to run once it has completed the management of the store Zenny (the game currency). You can learn more about the update by visiting the official website of Capcom at this address.