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Street Fighter 5: Capcom reiterates that there will be no other versions of the game

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Matt Dahlgren of Capcom has recently reiterated to EventsHub microphones that the house of Osaka does not plan to publish other versions of Street Fighter V: the game does not therefore enjoy the reissues of Super, Turbo or Arcade editions as happened with the fourth episode.

As the game continues to be enriched with new content, Capcom still seems determined not to release more later versions of Street Fighter V in addition to the initial one. EventHubs had the opportunity to interview Matt Dahlgren of Capcom on the subject, who reiterated the idea to present this fifth chapter as a kind of platform to what all content are added but without real deadlifts and version jumps. In short, there will be no editions of “Super”, “Turbo”, “Arcade” or the like although the question is not known in these terms.

Dahlgren confirms that in view of the publishers, “Street Fighter 5 innovated on the series’ model by being a service-based platform, with earnable post launch content.”

It is not excluded that in the future Capcom can test new business models for the game but anyway Matt further reaffirms that “Even now, the price point of the main retail offering has dropped, which is essentially the starter version of the game. However, even if we come up with new models, we are still committed to our promise that the initial release is still the only version you’ll ever need to own with all game updates and balance adjustments available for free.”

Recently, Capcom has kicked off the second season of Street Fighter V which introduced many new products and the character of Akuma.

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