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Stranger of Sword City available in March for Xbox One and PS Vita

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Stranger of Sword City is an RPG in vertical scrolling gameplay already available in Japan on PlayStation Vita and Xbox 360. Experience has today announced that its game is going to be published on Xbox One in Japan, February 22 in physical and digital version, and then in America 24 February exclusively in dematerialized format.

Stranger of Sword City Screenshot
Stranger of Sword City Screenshot

This will be the first time that Experience self-publishes a game in America. Stranger of Sword City will be an opportunity to discover enhanced graphics with new illustrations typed “manga” signed by En Okishiji. If you prefer the original drawings of Yoko Tsukamoto, know that it will be possible to select the style used in the game options at any time of the game.

Developers at the head of the game are the same guys at Experience who have proven their expertise with Demon Gaze or Ray Gigant. Although this version on Xbox One fails to release, NIS America has recently confirmed that the PS Vita version of the game will happen in the European continent, and it should offer all new artwork! Great news afterall.

The European localization version for Xbox One is under review, and PlayStation Vita version is still going to be provided by 25 March. The new artwork will be present there, always with the option to choose the former.

About the history

Your flight crashed after passing through a mysterious portal. You’re the only survivor who has awakened in a strange land illuminated by stars you’ve never seen before. This land is Escario, the Sword City. You will be immediately recognized as the chosen one, Stranger of Sword City, you will need to defend this place, carefully choose your allies and find a way to get home.