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Stories: The Hidden Path download available in February 2016 on PlayStation 4

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Stories: The Hidden Path is new action RPG game coming up on PlayStation 4. This game will be available for download next year around February 2016. This game is just announced by the developer and will be coming up in the next year.  There is a short trailer that is released and can be seen at the end of this article. The video offers a glimpse of storyline with gameplay. But it does not tell much. That is one of the biggest thing we are missing here since it is having quite a long time for the release.

Stories The Hidden Path Pics
Stories The Hidden Path Pics

The video below just introduces Stories: The Hidden Path to the players but does not tell much about gameplay. As per the official PlayStation blog the game will offer you an interesting storyline of a fantasy world. This takes you to a world of floating islands, majestic airship and flamboyant magic. The game resolves around the central character Reynardo.

Game Description:

Stories: The Hidden Path is an action-RPG set in a vibrant, magic-filled realm about to be overtaken by the imperial armada. You are the last sky corsair, the final hope of the people. With Spearhead’s unprecedented storytelling system, there is no set path: Your actions affect not only the flow of events, but also the motivations and behaviors of other characters, making each play through a new experience.

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