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Steven DeKnight Talks With Sony About a God of War Movie, Dave Bautista as Kratos

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Steven DeKnight, director of films like Pacific Rim Uprising and responsible for series like the first season of Daredevil on Netflix, has spoken with Sony about the possibility of making God of War movie based on the same universe of the game.

DeKnight has thought about the possibilities of that project. “I would love to see it,” he said. “Somebody had asked me about video games and I’ve always been a fan of God of War. I think the latest game was just so beautiful and phenomenal.”

“I would love to tackle God of War movie or I would love to see somebody put that up on the big screen,” he admits. DeKnight, who believes that Dave Bautista could be the actor who played Kratos in the movies, would bet on this performer because “he can do anything” and that would be important in a film that could have “drama, real emotion, humor, action.”

“I had some early conversations with the good people at Sony PlayStation about it and my biggest thing is, look, you gotta approach it like a book,” admitted the filmmaker, who believes that the key to adapting a game to the cinema is to face it as adaptations of books. “Approach it like adapting Jaws,” based on Peter Benchley’s novel.

“For people who’ve read Jaws, the movie is very different but they’re both fantastic. So you have to be able to take the source material and make it work as a movie. And I think that’s part of the reason oftentimes video game movies don’t work is because you can’t translate the video game experience into a movie. You gotta take the characters and the situations and the emotions and make it work for a movie,” he stated.

In something to match it and Sony, as explained, it is that both believe that a God of War movie should be aimed at an adult audience, with a serious tone, because “I don’t think there’s a way to tell that story and make it PG, nor should it be. And thankfully because of Deadpool, people are much more willing to try that R-rated there with genre work now, again. So, yeah, without a doubt R-rated,” DeKnight argued.

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