Stefanie Joosten Confirms She Is Not Currently Involved in Death Stranding

For some time there have been rumors about the possible presence of Stefanie Joosten (Quiet of Metal Gear Solid V) in Death Stranding, but the actress never responded directly to these voices, at least until today.

During her participation in Mangafest in Seville, Stefanie Joosten confirmed in an interview with the website Vandal that she is not currently involved in the production of Death Stranding at all.

In that sense, Joosten stated the following in the interview: “I know there are a lot of speculation. Both I and my agency of representation have a good relationship with Hideo Kojima. I know he likes to do teasers and all those things. The speculation forms a little part of the world of the fans. He has been joking about that with the poster of Mads Mikkelsen [update that he did in his social networks], but it is that I’m a big fan. Right now I’m not involved.”

It is true that in April 2017, Hideo Kojima wore a hat with the face of Stefanie Joosten and at that time the actress was spotted in Holland at the headquarters of Guerrilla Games, a studio that was collaborating with Kojima Productions in the development of the technical aspects of Death Stranding.

But with the interview today, it is confirmed that Stefanie Joosten is not currently involved in Death Stranding. What do you think about this news? Do you think that the absence of Stefanie Joosten in Death Stranding matters at all?