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Steam’s Best-Selling Games for 2015 Revealed

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As every year, Christmas is a time for Steam to launch its winter sales, but also to reveal best-selling titles sold for the current year.

It’s today that the reference platform of gaming purchases on PC environment, Steam always gathers more buyers and players over the years. And so it is natural that sales rankings published by the platform are considered an indicator of global trends in the video game market.

With just a few days before 2016, Steam reveals best game sold forthe year 2015 with a ranking of the top selling games listed below.

Steam's Best-Selling Games 2015
Steam’s Best-Selling Games 2015

A ranking that gives pride to GTA V, undisputed king of this year. The title of Rockstar maintains strong sales and ranks in the top 10 sales each month since its release. What prevail as the best selling title on Steam in 2015 with 3,572,564 copies.

Just behind, there is the impressive performance of Fallout 4, the highly anticipated title from Bethesda sold 2,482,504 copies on Steam despite a late release this year. Behind that Survival Ark Evolved loops the top three with 2,187,649 units sold.

In the top 25 the games included are Rocket League, The Witcher 3, Dying Light, Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain, CoD Black Ops 3, Evolve, Mad Max, etc. These are best games that can give ideas if you have not already purchased them, especially since some titles are affected by the winter sales of the platform.