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Steam will expand the support for PlayStation 4 controller

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Valve has announced that soon they are going to release a new update that will expand the support to the PlayStation 4 controller on Steam.


Over the Steam Dev Days under way, Valve and Jeff Bellinghausen announced that the US company is ready to implement Steam support for the controller of PlayStation 4. Thanks to a special screen, you can then take full advantage of both touchpad and the gyroscope of the controller, unlike what happens nowadays.

During a recent talk, the developer Jeff Bellinghausen said that it will offer players more customization options and the ability to configure the touchpad and motion sensors of DualShock 4.

Meanwhile, the co-host and developer Lars Doucet explained that the use of PS4 controller is “exactly the same” than using the Steam Controller in terms of programming.

Because of this, Valve will work first to improve its compatibility with DualShock 4 and then add support for other controllers on their platform.

So far Steam players could play with the DualShock 4, but usually had to resort to third party applications to achieve it. Xbox controllers have been chosen by most Steam users, but this update once available on the PlayStation 4 controller players will find a new option. The above image shows how the setup screen on Steam will be.