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Steam surpasses number of games published last year

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The success of Steam cannot be denied and the platform keeps growing the number of games published year after year.

However, this is already the most successful year of the platform in the category of titles published and a few months after the end of the year the number of games already exceeded what was achieved in 2016.

The analyst of Niko Partners, Daniel Ahmad, updated his forecast of last month indicating that this year Steam would reach 5000 launches and now claims that it will reach more than 6000.

According to Ahmad’s data, the number of games published on Steam at the moment already exceeds the 5000 titles, exceeding the total publications of 2016 where 4207 games were launched. With that positive trend, it is a matter of little time for the PC game platform to reach and exceed 6000 titles published.

This data also reflects the effect of Steam Direct, Steam Greenlight’s substitute program, which simplified publishing on the platform by reducing the procedure to filling out forms, performing compatibility tests and paying a fee.

However, the large number of games on Steam does not mean they all have great quality and recently Valve has had to put in place actions to eradicate “fake games” that only seek to monetize titles created from templates and successful models.