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Steam Surpasses 7 Million Players In-Game and 18 Million Concurrent Users

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It’s not a secret that Steam is one of the most used digital gaming platforms in the world, but exactly how popular is it? While there are no figures that reveal how many users it currently has, we know that it has a high level of players thanks to a few hours ago it broke a record of concurrent users.

According to the statistics page of Valve, a few hours ago Steam had 18,528,722 concurrent users (18 million plus), out of which approximately 7 million were enjoying a game. An interesting detail is that, at the time of writing this note, Steam has 12,040,383 connected users, out of which most are playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (2,003,784 simultaneous players).

To put things in perspective, in November of last year Steam broke its brand of concurrent users by adding 17,683,804 connected players. On the other hand, exactly one year ago this record was 14 million concurrent users.

Recall that, in mid-2017, a member of Valve revealed that this platform generally has 33 million active users per day. In addition, he noted that they welcome approximately 1.5 million users each month.

Keep in mind that for a long time Valve has not shared how many users use their platform; However, at the beginning of 2015, it was known that it had 125 million active accounts.

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