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Steam security flaw allows changing preferences of other users, Valve’s December Survey revealed

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A flaw in the security of Steam allows you to discover the email addresses of other users and change their preferences, as revealed by some frequenters of Reddit.

The preferences in question relate to that type of email received from Steam (as updates of the store or special offers), although you can not change the address associated with the account, fortunately.

The vulnerability is exploited through a method for which we will not provide, for obvious reasons, all the details. At the base of the exploit, in any case, there is the use of the cache of Google relative to tokens used to change the above preferences.

Valve has not yet commented on the news, but it is clear that there is an effective intervention by return.

In another news, Valve’s monthly survey revealed that 48.97% of Steam users are using Windows 10 64-bit. This figure, combined with 1.22% for Windows 10 32-bit, bringing Microsoft’s latest operating system from over the threshold of 50%.

The most popular GPU is the GeForce GTX 970 from Nvidia, with 4.70% of the total, while the most important improvement is the percentage of GTX 1060 (+0.54% of November). The first AMD card is even in twentieth position, from HD 7900 Series, with 1.12%.

Most users still have 8GB of memory, shifting the focus on the RAM, with 33.81% of the vote, but the number is growing of those who are equipped with 12GB (+0.31%).