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Steam mobile app download available now on Windows Phone

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Do you own a phone or a tablet with Windows? We have some good news for you, as Valve has recently announced that the application of Steam for mobile devices is now available for Windows Phone.

Steam mobile app for Windows Phone

Valve has finally decided to release an official version of Steam App for Windows Phone. It is an application that essentially reproduces the Steam client on the mobile platform, except of course the ability to launch games. It is thus possible to navigate the store, read the social components, purchase products and manage your downloads remotely by controlling your own data and authenticate access to your Steam account.

As you know, this application is available on iOS and Android devices for years, and that users of Windows Phone were dying to have it. This we can see reflected in the reviews of the application, which mostly are positive and mentioned that it was time that Steam came to this mobile operating system.

Since Valve updated security measures of Steam in March, users must use the application to avoid restrictions on trade and the community market. Although the users of Windows may enjoy these options that was necessary to wait 15 days between exchanges, so the debut of the application on their devices ensures that they will have a better experience.

The application is available for devices running Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Phone 8.1. Just click here to download Steam app.

What do you think? Do you own a Windows Phone and were dying for the debut of this app? Tell us in the comments section below.