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Steam Link will be integrated into Samsung TVs

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In a presentation at Steam Dev Days, Valve announced that Steam Link, the system that allows you stream your PC games to your TV, will be integrated into future models of Samsung TVs.


It is worth clarifying that to enjoy Steam Link you will need a PC with the power to run the games you want and the controller that you use to play them. So, the only thing that will make the new Samsung TVs is to save the process of buying the $49 adapter and connector.

At the moment, Valve has not shared details about Steam Link to Samsung TVs. This is why we do not know whether it will offer wired connectivity (via Ethernet) and wireless as does the adapter.

With this decision, Samsung makes it clear that gaming is a key part of the future and present of their entertainment platforms. This we have seen because since last year, several models of Samsung TVs offer access to PlayStation Now, the streaming service of PlayStation 3 titles.

Steam Link is one of the initiatives that Valve wants to take the PC gaming room to the living room. This seems to be a key move in the expansion of its gaming platform, which incidentally serves to provide a better experience for those who are already users of it.

With the arrival of Steam Link Samsung TVs will seem more attractive? Tell us in the comment section below.