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State of Decay 2 Surpasses 3 Million Player Mark

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The community of State of Decay 2 is growing rapidly over the weeks. By the beginning of this month, the title of Undead Labs already had 2 million players. The game of zombies achieved a new milestone, so the studio decided to celebrate it with additional content.

Undead Labs confirmed that State of Decay 2 already exceeds 3 million players. For this reason, and to celebrate that it was the best-selling May title in the United States, the studio shared details of the Independence Pack.

This additional content will allow you to face hordes of zombies “with style”. The package will unlock new versions of vehicles, weapons and equipment. In addition, the protagonists will have special outfits.

The Independence Pack will give you access to the Pyrohawk, Burninator and Meatwagon vehicles. As for the new objects and weapons, there are Pyro Launcher, Starshank, The Freedom Ringer, Grillmeister and BBQ Fork. Also, you will also receive items such as Block Rocker, Reign or ‘Fire, Bouncing Boris and XL Firework Shell.

If the previous thing seemed to you little, you will have the opportunity to find another merchant, who will have different types of explosives at good prices. If you are interested in the contents of the Independence Pack, you should know that you can obtain it free of charge if you have State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition.

The package will be sold to the rest of the players in exchange for $4.99 USD. Xbox Game Pass users can get it with a 10% discount. In addition, Undead Labs prepared a free update with 20 additional missions, 10 weapons, a merchant and various improvements.

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State of Decay 2 is available for Xbox One and Windows 10. Do you want to see how some of the novelties look? Do not miss the trailer below: