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State of Decay 2 Patch 1.2 With 20GB Size Available Now, Improves Stability And Multiplayer

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In the past few hours, Undead Labs has released the gigantic 20 GB patch for State of Decay 2, which intervenes on some critical issues of stability, performance and multiplayer.

The team claims to have made numerous improvements to the stability of the network and the interactions between the players in the game. Also improved is the physics of cars, which will now react more predictably as a result of the crashes and, above all, will no longer take flight. The developers have intervened on countless points scattered across all three maps of the game where unforeseen collisions occur and where players (and vehicles) were in danger of getting stuck.

The annoying white line that appeared at night was eliminated and the pop-in of the screen elements was reduced. CPU usage has been optimized and application crashes caused by the Out of Memory error have been resolved.

There are then numerous specific corrections regarding gameplay, networking and multiplayer, the behavior of zombies, changes to the HUD and the structure of the environments with new collision management. These, however, are only some of the changes made. The list is quite long and can be consulted at this address.

Undead Labs stated that this patch “is just the beginning”, the first of a series of patches coming in the future. The team has great plans for the future, and thanked the community for the warm reception reserved for the title, which can already count on one million players.

State of Decay 2 is available on Xbox One, Xbox One X and Windows 10 PC. The title is also included in the catalog of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service.

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