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State of Decay 2’s Each Map Will Offer Specific Resources

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We are just a few days away from the launch of State of Decay 2, the second installment of the open world, zombies and strategy proposal of Undead Labs, and therefore, there are new revelations about what awaits us in the vast portions of territory that we can explore.

In an interview for the Official Xbox Magazine, members of the Undead Labs development team talked about the State of Decay 2 maps and their importance in the adventure. As you know, one of the characteristics of the franchise is to offer large areas of territory with settlements of all kinds that can be explored and in which we can find all kinds of items, supplies or supplies to continue our adventure; although we could also find hordes of zombies waiting to kill us.

Well, for the second installment, the development team has planned that each map has its own characteristics that adapt to your strategy: “The maps feature a variety of locations and resources, which will have a significant effect on various aspects of your community, making some things easier, and others more difficult.”

Following the essence of the first installment, State of Decay 2 will take you to make strategic decisions to keep your group safe and this implies having a balance of all kinds of resources. In this sense, the Undead Labs team assured that each map will stand out for the type of resources it offers: “One map is great for obtaining the resources you need to build the facilities at your base, another makes it easier to keep your survivors fed. Each map has its strengths.”

In recent news, the game will not have microtransactions and the file size of the title will be 20GB.

State of Decay 2 will arrive on May 22 on Xbox One and Windows 10.