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State of Decay 2: Undead Labs Excited About Xbox Game Pass and Cross-Play

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The design director Richard Foge expressed his enthusiasm for the inclusion of State of Decay 2 in the Xbox Game Pass since day one, and for the opportunity to take advantage of cross-play between Xbox One and Windows 10.

In that sense, Foge said the following: “As a creator who wants as many people to experience the work that we’ve put together as possible, having a large pool of people is fantastic,” explained Foge in an interview with MCV.

“If folks are like ‘I love playing this game, I’d love to play it with other people, I don’t necessarily have friends who are always playing’, having Game Pass and cross-play is a way that people can experience and fall in love with the game,” Foge continued.

As it is known, State of Decay 2 will have two DLCs and this could, contrary to what has been said so far, be an element of internal division of the community.

Foge admits that “that’s certainly something that I’ve experienced personally in the past with other games. As expansions come out the community becomes sub-divided into people who have the stuff and people who don’t have the stuff, that’s something that will be part of our ongoing discussions on how we want to deal with these things.”

In recent news, it was confirmed that each map of the game will offer specific resources. On the other hand, the title will have a file size of 20 GB.

State of Decay 2 launch is scheduled for May 22nd, with a four-day advance access guaranteed to those who purchase the Ultimate Edition (including the two DLC mentioned above).

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