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Bethesda: Starfield Will Offer “Next-Gen” Gameplay

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When Bethesda showed Starfield at its E3 2018 conference the studio made it clear that it is a next-generation experience. However, we should not think that this only refers to reaching new platforms, but it will also offer a different gameplay experience.

“That to us means two things,” said Todd Howard, director of Bethesda Game Studios, when Eurogamer asked him what it means to say that Starfield will be next-gen. “It does mean hardware and it does mean software on our side, and it also means gameplay – what does the next generation of epic single-player RPGs feel like to us?”

Later, Howard pointed out that while they are planning Starfield for current generation consoles, it is not ruled out that it could also exist on current platforms: “We’re pushing it; we’re thinking very, very far in future so we’re building something that will handle next-generation hardware. That’s what we’re building on right now, that’s where our mind is, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t exist on the current systems as well.”

Now the question is, what kind of experience Starfield will offer? Howard pointed out that it is an RPG for a player and that it will have the essence of Bethesda Game Studios. In addition, we will have much news about which he will talk later.

“It’s different, but if you sit down and play it you would recognize it as something we made if that makes sense? It has our DNA in it. It has things that we like. It has the things that we like. But it has a lot of new systems we’ve been thinking about for a while that fit that kind of game really well. We’ll talk about it in the future. See now I wish I hadn’t announced it!” he finished.

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What kind of experience do you expect from Starfield? What do you think are the new systems that Howard mentioned? Tell us in the comments below.