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Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition with All DLCs available in November for $40

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Unofficial sources disclosed that Electronic Arts will have an Ultimate Edition of the game of Star Wars: Battlefront, which will arrive in November and will feature all released DLC and launch of this release. So if you were thinking about getting to Battlefront, you might want to wait another month.


If you are looking to acquire the full game of Star Wars Battlefront, along with the numerous DLC available to date, you will be served as Electronic Arts plans to market an Ultimate Edition of the game next month.

This news has not been officially announced, because information appeared on a list of online sales. According to the product description, this version of the game will contain the contents of the Deluxe Edition and the Season Pass with 4 additional expansions to the game. These expansions are Outer Rim, Bespin, Death Star and Rogue One: Scarif, the latter is tied with the film of Rogue One, which will hit theaters this year.

According to Amazon, Star Wars: Battlefront Ultimate Edition will be available from November 18. Rogue One will hit theaters on November 16. According to the record of the online distributor, the game is only listed for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but that does not necessarily mean that the game will not come to PC.

Death Star, the latest expansion came into the game, added 5 new maps and Battle Station mode, which revives almost step by step the famous scene where Luke Skywalker destroys the space station in the Empire.