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Star Wars Battlefront to get sequels, according to EA

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Within a few hours of the release of Star Wars Battlefront, Electronic Arts tells us that it intends to produce suites in this FPS based game on the famous saga of George Lucas. Other games are also in anticipation surrounding the license.

Due for release this week on PC and gaming consoles, the next Star Wars Battlefront is eagerly awaited by fans of the famous saga, but also by the FPS multiplayer fans. EA, the editor of the title, has already seen in the long term with the evocation of suites.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot
Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot

As part of UBS Global Tech Conference, Blake Jorgensen (CFO of Electronic Arts) returned to the partnership with Disney to produce video games based on the Star Wars license.

He added that “It’s a big effort for us, and I don’t think there’s a human being in the world who hasn’t heard of the Star Wars movie coming,” via Gamespot.

“We struck a licensing deal with Disney a few years back that’s almost ten years in length. The game that comes out tomorrow, Star Wars Battlefront, is a traditional first-person style shooter game. Our goal is to make future Battlefront games as well as other style games around the Star Wars franchise, both on mobile as well as console and PC. It’s a huge opportunity for us.”

The question is whether EA plans to saturate its opportunity by producing regular episodes for Star Wars Battlefront via the studio DICE. Anyway, other games have previously been mentioned, notably with an inspired gameplay of Batman Arkham.

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