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Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Content Detailed

Only few days are left for the release of Star Wars Battlefront. With this there is also information about the Season Pass content of this game. The cost of this Season Pass is $49.99 and it is going to offer more new extra content to the gamers.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot

Below is the list where you can find what all new things this Season Pass Content is going to unlock. The content will bring around 20 new pieces of tech that can be used in different parts of the game. Like upgrading the vehicle, or adding some more strength to the weapon.

There will be 4 additional heroes in the game and with them there is possibility of having more new villains also. For multiplayer’s there are around 16 extra maps in the game and new game modes. Those who own Season Pass will get early access to upcoming expansion pack two weeks before launch. This looks pretty impressive. With this the game also choices of different editions.

Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass Content:

Star Wars Battlefront Deluxe Edition:

Star Wars  Battlefront Standard Edition:

Star Wars Battlefront Ultimate Edition:

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