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Star Wars Battlefront II Sold 882,000 Units Compared To 2.1 million Of Its Predecessor


The launch of Star Wars Battlefront II was marred by numerous controversies related to the controversial microtransaction system implemented in the title and now temporarily removed.

Apparently, this affected sales of Star Wars Battlefront II. According to data provided by NPD and reported by the Wall Street Journal, retail sales in the United States of America recorded during the month of November were 58% lower than those obtained from the first chapter of the saga, released during the same period of 2015.

Thus, Star Wars Battlefront II has sold only 882,000 units, a value significantly lower than the 2.1 million of the predecessor. However, it must be reiterated that the count does not include copies sold through digital platforms, which are increasingly relevant in the current market of video games.

In addition, Electronic Arts has already shown confidence in the long-term holding of the product, also due to the imminent arrival of Star Wars: The Last Jedi in the theaters.

The sales champion for November was instead Call of Duty WWII, able to sell 4.4 million copies. We remind you that both titles are available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.