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Star Wars Battlefront gets Super Star Wars 16 Bit Trailer

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Is this the next Star Wars Battlefront supposed to be released for the Super NES? Here is a video that presents the DICE game if it came out on a 16-bit console. Notice to fans of retrogaming! Many eyes are on the upcoming Star Wars Battlefront coming on November 19, 2015 on PC, Xbox One and PS4. The title is also available in beta on all platforms to test the title of DICE running graphic engine of Frostbite 3.0.

Star Wars Battlefront Pics
The Curse Entertainment YouTube channel recently released a video that shows the way in 2D, but not 3D like a title released on a 16-bit gaming console.  The video presents the survival mission to the planet Tatooine, which is also in the beta version to Star Wars: Battlefront that can be played. The video creators put obvious attention to detail: Even the EA logo at the beginning of the video is reminiscent of old video game hours. However, in the 16-bit version it is from one of the classic side-scrolling shooter that has been implemented with great attention to details. Thus the parallax scrolling of the background is missing any more than the typical video game sounds.

Named for the hit Super Star Wars Battlefront, the title honors the Super NES and more particularly to Super Star Wars, released 23 years ago. Indeed, the graphics clearly recall those of the trilogy developed at the time by the American studio Sculptured Software and published by late LucasArts.

The “real” Star Wars: Battlefront can be played in open beta testing since some days ago. The publication of the final game for the PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One is scheduled for 19th November 2015.