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Star Wars Battlefront free DLC available now, Season Pass detailed

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Electronic Arts has released some details about the upcoming additional content of Star Wars Battlefront, stressing that free DLC is available today on PC and gaming consoles. The program over the coming months is highlighted.

Star Wars Battlefront Screenshot

Available for a few months, Star Wars Battlefront has had some success with the players. The title developed by DICE studio is back on the front of the scene with the arrival of new additional content (DLC) which is proven to be free.

Indeed, Electronic Arts said the DLC – available for download for all players – introduced today Raider Camp, proposing a new survival map on Tatooine (available in several game modes) and new outfits for Luke and Han Solo on Hoth.

This content can also create private matches; propose regular challenges in community events, while providing a balance of the game (weapons and multiplayer modes).

The publisher also said that another free DLC will be available in February 2016, proposing a new multiplayer map on Hoth. In March, another map will be available and will take place on Endor.

Regarding the Season Pass, four packs have been announced. The first, called Outer Rim, propose additional maps in Jabba’s Palace and mills of Sullust (March 2016). The second, called Bespin, deliver content in city of Cloud (summer 2016). The third, called the Death Star, will offer one of the most iconic Star Wars locations (Fall 2016). The fourth content does not yet include title and details, but will be online early in 2017.