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Star Wars Battlefront DLC Packs includes New Universes and Weapons

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Star Wars Battlefront is releasing on November 17, 2015. This new edition of Star War series brings amazing storyline and an addictive gameplay. Star Wars is always a popular series and news about upcoming Star Wars Battlefront DLC Packs is also leaked. This new pack will be coming after launch. And the estimated time interval will be after 8 to 12 months or even higher. So that is a kind of long wait time.

Star Wars Battlefront Pics
Star Wars Battlefront Pics

First it was not really confirmed that Star Wars Battlefront will get any kind of DLC updates. But now it is finally confirmed that this game will be getting new content in future. There are also maximum chances that the dates might be longer for future DLC.

This new DLC will hold some new Universe that is similar to new maps or new area to be explored in the space. And with this there will be more new Weapons. The game is releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC. You can checkout the launch trailer below. This gameplay trailer offers even a glimpse of different things we will be doing in the game. Like flying gadgets, using different weapons, boss fights, etc.

Later on next year most probably we will also get some new DLC pack that would cost around $15 each as per some news sources. There can be separate packs. Star Wars Battlefront Beta is already a huge success with around 9 millions player’s participation. This shows clear success of this game. The game will also be having a multiplayer mode also. There is no information about online gameplay.

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