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Star Wars Battlefront 2 Loot Crates and Crystal Prices Revealed

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A few days after the official launch of Star Wars Battlefront II, which is already available in EA/Origin Access, Electronic Arts and the development team have already prepared the microtransactions environment that will work in the title via the purchase of Crystals to buy the controversial loot boxes. That is why the prices of the microtransaction system for the debut of the title were revealed.

As you know, the economy of Star Wars Battlefront II moves through the Crystals, which function as the official currency of the game and the means by which you can acquire loot boxes that assure you important items and parts for the improvement of your weaponry.

While you can get loot boxes with your performance in the game, it is also possible to accelerate this process by using Crystals that you can buy with real money and this is the price list of packages along with its respective discount for members of the program of early access of EA Access:

Prices for Crystal Packages:
500 Crystals – $4.99 USD | Origin Access $4.49 USD
1000 Crystals – $9.99 USD | Origin Access $8.99 USD
2,100 Crystals – $19.99 USD | Origin Access $17.99 USD
4,400 Crystals – $39.99 USD | Origin Access $35.99 USD
12,000 Crystals – $99.99 USD | Origin Access $89.99 USD

Now, once interested parties acquire any of the Crystals for Star Wars: Battlefront II packages, they can use them to get loot boxes, which will give you Star Cards, items, parts to develop, victory poses and weapons. These loot boxes are:

Hero Crate – 110 Crystals
StarFighter Crate – 120 Crystals
Trooper Crate – 200 Crystals

All crates may contain 1 or 2 Hero Star Cards, 1 item and parts to develop. As for the items, they can include Trooper Star Cards, Starfighter Star Cards, Special Star Cards, Vehicle Star Cards, etc.

Star Wars Battlefront II will debut worldwide on November 17 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.