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Star Fox Zero release date confirmed on Wii U

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As part of the recent Nintendo Direct, the firm of Kyoto has announced the final release date of the next Star Fox game coming to Wii U, which will be accompanied by an original spin-off.

Star Fox Zero Screenshot

Forming one of the major releases this year on Wii U, Star Fox Zero gets revealed and anticipated by fans of the series initiated in the early 90s on Super NES. This new album, originally scheduled for release last year, was eventually pushed back to April 2016 and that, to improve several aspects of the game.

This latest game announced on Nintendo Direct has achieved the final launch date, ie; 22 April 2016 in Europe. The game will be available in the standard version, but also in case “first edition”, including a second set that serves as a spin-off: Star Fox Guard.

The latter proves to be the result of Project Guard, a typical tower defense game that Nintendo had announced in 2014. This time, it is a game starring Slippy Toad, which will collect materials while avoiding enemy assault through surveillance with multiple cameras. The game includes nearly 100 missions, but the player can also create their own challenges by changing the position of the enemy and posting them online.

Note that this spin-off will be delivered in the form of a valid download code in the eShop for Wii U.

Other important information, the amiibo Fox used in the game will unlock as a retro skin with the vessels of the first game on Super Nintendo. Other amiibo information will be available soon.