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Star Fox Zero “Foxy Fox” Trailer Revealed

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After a long wait, this month Star Fox Zero will come to Wii U, and now, Nintendo has released a funny TV spot where we can see the puppet version of Fox and company.

Star Fox Zero Artbox
Star Fox Zero Artbox

But that’s not all, because the video introduces new gameplay of Star Fox Zero, and thanks to this we can see some heads, scenarios and different skills of the Arwing, all this while Fox recounts his galactic prowess.

Star Fox Zero will support the amiibo figures of Fox and Falco. In addition, the game will be accompanied by Star Fox Guard, titles developed by Shigeru Miyamoto with the collaboration of Platinum Games.

Likewise, recently Nintendo also released an extensive gameplay of Star Fox Zero and Star Fox Guard. As if that were not enough, the company also showed a video where we can see the evolution of Star Fox over the years.

Star Fox Zero will debut on April 22 on Wii U as an exclusive title.

The Star Fox series is one of the most famous series from Nintendo, but also a series that has never been able to win over the Mario and Zelda series. Yet there was a nice surprise at E3 2015 for fans of the series: Star Fox Zero. After seeing the first trailer, fans were not really impressed and Nintendo has certainly noticed that. Now the game is coming up, we hope that it is still going to be worth it.

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