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Star Fox Zero for Wii U has been delayed to Q1 2016

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Star Fox Zero for Wii U is delayed and will be coming next year. A final release date for this game is not yet confirmed. It was Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto who published about the delay via the game’s official Facebook page.

Star Fox Zero
Star Fox Zero

Star Fox Zero was about to release this year. But it looks like there is certain development work pending that has pushed the game to release for the next year. As per the official post on Facebook, the game developer is working on a Dual Screen gameplay. This will let players to play the game in two screens and there are chances that two different players can also participate. But this thing is not yet cleared. With this there are also new level designs and enhancements in the cutscenes. The game developer is probably working on the final game quality which needs time.

Star Fox Zero Features:

  • Fan favorite characters return with new and well-known dialogue from Fox McCloud, Slippy, Peppy, Falco and more, which can sound like they’re talking in your ear like a from a headset with clever sound technology.
  • Players can intuitively pilot an Arwing by simply using both the right and left control sticks as a control stick to perform familiar flight maneuvers, such as the somersault, U-turn and a Barrel Roll.
  • Replay the same exotic planets with other vehicles and extra missions can be selected on top of going through the story.
  • Two different viewpoints, the traditional style of TV gameplay and the new unique cockpit view on the Wii U GamePad controller combines to create a unique interface to aim and shoot in one direction while flying in another. This frees up the TV for more cinematic moments in a brand-new all range mode.
  • Pilot the new and improved Arwing with its new Walker transformation and take control of a new Drone type plane, the Gyrowing. The Landmaster Tank returns, equipped with a new, limited flight form.
  • Developed in partnership with PlatinumGames.