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Star Citizen’s single-player campaign and persistent universe to be available seperately

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Roberts Space Industries recently applied the separation of Star Citizen packs, meaning that the single player mode – Squadron 42 – and persistent universe online are now marketed separately.

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Clearly one of the most ambitious video games of recent years, Star Citizen is a project in development for over three years. Offering an experience in space exploration including, the dogfight and even the shooter-type, the title of Cloud Imperium Games continues to raise money with the players to continue its development.

Since February 14, the title is divided into two parts: the single player campaign – called Squadron 42 – and multiplayer game of persistent universe. Consequently, it is now possible to buy only one pack to the price of $45 and add another $15 to enjoy the other part of the game.

Robert Space Industries stressed on the official website of the game that both packs will always be connected together, pointing out that the single player campaign will influence the online part, and vice versa. It is therefore having two parts of the world and, moreover, only one client is required to start the game.

Furthermore, it is stated that players who purchase the pack of Squadron 42 will have access to the Arena Commander, to train piloting vessels.

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