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Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 is available to all backers

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Cloud Imperium Games has finally announced the Star Citizen Alpha 2.0 version to all the backers to play and it seems there are too many new content added in this patch. There is a totally new environment called Crusader in which this new alpha version is set, which is a gas giant planet within the Stanton System. Players will also find first-person gun fights which is one the biggest addition in this alpha 2.0 version, alongwith hidden weapons and combat armor to be discovered. After players find their armaments, they can start off in PVP or do some of the new featured quests. Players will also find new ships and there will be also some new flight modes which affect some kind of maneuvering mechanics. This new update is very big compared to previous builds of the game and might truly show the real potential of Star Citizen game.

Star Citizen Screenshot
Star Citizen Screenshot

In the old alpha versions of Star Citizen, players were only allowed to access the hangar module (that lets them to walk around in their ships), social module (where players can interact with each other and will be able to accept quests or buy items in the city of ArcCorp) and Arena Commander (which lets them to fly in a choosen number of ships and dogfight or race). But, in this new Alpha 2.0, players will be presented with a mini persistent universe environment, allowing them to fly around a small area of space in a number of one-seater and multicrew ships.

One thing is certain in any case that the gameplay trailer shown for Alpha 2.0 shows an impressive status of the game. Turning now to imagine how all modules are assembled and are actually published in final form, one can imagine how epic Star Citizen game can be.