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Star Citizen 1.1.0 Patch available for download

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Cloud Empire Games and Roberts Space Industries have released version 1.1 published by Arena Commander. Chris Roberts, wrote meanwhile, that said module will no longer be called in the future as Arena Commander, but simply Star Citizen. The background of this change is done slowly so that the individual pieces would fit together.

In connection with the update of 1.1 the installer is changed completely, so a clean install of the data is required. From the developer states: “After 2 years of development Star Citizen has grown and matured considerably. Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case with installing or patching. However, today with the release of the 1.1.0 build, we are attempting to clean up some of the problems players have been seeing when trying to download and play the game. We have released a new installer and switched our CDN to Amazon Cloudfront. Over 80% of our Metafile issues will be fixed with this, and it’s also the foundation for a future update to eliminate the notorious “Delete your USER folder” fix.”

Otherwise it was with version 1.1 of the multiplayer free-flight mode and a landing Wizard free flight mode added. Also new is the Rental Equipment credits system (short REC), with which one can rent space ships and equipment such as shields or weapons. This Rental-Equipment-credits can be divided into (virtually simulated) Multiplayer-Matches (Arena Commander or shooter mode). However, this system does not apply in persistent universe, but only in the simulated environments. The developers have also implemented the basic technique for the new damage system and added to the Gladius a new ship that uses this new damage system. More details about the improvements and bug fixes can be found in the change log here.