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Stalker 2 Won’t Have Battle Royal Mode, Will Support Mods

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Stalker 2 is officially in development, we know it well, but exactly how the game will be? The historical fans of the series, given the long wait and the sharp change of the industry, more and more turned towards the game as a service and the battle royale, could fear that the title wants to change the cards on the table compared to the previous chapters. If you are one of these hesitant enthusiasts, calm down: Stalker 2 says absolutely no to the battle royale mode.

This is revealed by the software house itself through an interview on the Antishnaps YouTube Channel. It is also said that the main source of inspiration for Stalker 2 is the original trilogy of the series, especially as regards to the atmospheres. The developers explained that their favorite mods are Lost Alpha DC, Dead Air and Spatial Anomaly: support for them is very important and they are already working to give users access to a series of tools to allow them to start “work” as of day one.

The game will be “extremely modern” and aims to exploit the most innovative technologies available. The mantra of the development team is “Stalker 2 or it will be a masterpiece, or it will not be released,” for this reason, the developers visited Chernobyl several times, in order to make detailed and precise research. In general, it seems that the development will continue with the right timing and it is not the team’s intention to accelerate.

Stalker 2 will therefore not include any battle royale and we are sure that the historic fans will be happy with it. At the same time, they will not be happy with the wait: the game was announced in May 2018 and it is expected to release in 2021, provided it does not suffer any delays.