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STALKER 2 Website Updates with New Art, Music and More

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After the announcement of STALKER 2 last May, the game had disappeared a little from the radar and no updates had been released about it. After months of silence, however, GSC Game World, the software house that owns the franchise, is back talking about the game.

The company did the announcment of Stalker 2 through social networks, in particular Twitter, on which it was already active since January, but today it shared a new artwork and logo for the video game, which should be out in 2021.

Not only that, the game’s official website has also been updated, and now you can listen to a new piece of music in the background. Can we actually finally learn more about this video game?

The first chapter of the game, Shadow of Chernobyl, was released in 2007, and was a first-person shooter set in the Chernobyl nuclear disaster area. Subsequently Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat were also released, and the franchise is considered one of the precursors of the popular open-world sandbox genre.

Unfortunately at the moment it is not clear on which platform the video game will be available at the exit. All previous STALKER releases were available for PC only.

What do you think? What do you wish to see for the future of the franchise? Tell us in the comments below.