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Square Enix Is Working on A New Action RPG for PS4 and Nintendo Switch


Among the various initiatives taking place at Square Enix, there is also a new project that has not yet been announced, for which the team is obviously looking for personnel.

From a job announcement appearing online in Japan, we, therefore, learn that the internal Business Division 8 team is looking for a project assistant to be included in the new project currently under development, which apparently is an action RPG for PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The project assistant will have to support the producer and participate in the advertising obligations of the new title. Not much is known about this new game except that the genre will be action RPG and will be developed for both PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

There is no information on the game in question and it is difficult to connect the project to known series of the extensive Square Enix catalog or to understand if it is a new intellectual property. The Business Division 8 is the division that has dealt, in particular, with Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius on mobile platforms and Imperial SaGa, a browser game, so in both cases it was not really proper projects for Square Enix, but it cannot be said that in this case they were not used for something more substantial.

In addition to the aforementioned titles, Business Division 8 has been involved in several porting for smartphone, including Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy Dimensions II, Dragon Quest II, III, IV, V, VI, VII. The studio also helped in the co-development of Adventures of Mana.

Being an action RPG and considering the platforms taken into consideration, it would seem that the Business Division 8 is ready for a qualitative leap in productions at higher budget for consoles, so we are waiting to learn more.

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