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Square Enix Talks About Its Gaming Goals for 2018

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After the development teams under the wing of Square Enix talked about their goals for 2018, it is the turn of the company’s President, Yosuke Matsuda, to talk about his goals for the new year. In this way, he establishes the roadmap to be followed by Square Enix.

“The environment surrounding the content industry is undergoing significant changes as advancements are made simultaneously in multiple technologies, including AI, xR (VR, AR, MR), next-generation communications systems, and payment infrastructure. As a result of these advances, consumers are likely to enjoy richer content experiences and greater convenience,” Matsuda said.

In this way, Matsuda said that Square Enix will bet on the “content development efforts” and accelerate “the expansion” of global content business.

After praising Nintendo Switch as the “major global success” of the year 2017, the president also wanted to dedicate a few words to the mobile market.

“Another key feature of the current digital content landscape is the smartphone,” he began explaining. “The Annual global smartphone shipments are now in excess of 1.5 billion units, making the smartphone an essential device for the enjoyment of digital contents, and the evolution of smartphone technology knows no bounds.”

Next, he went on to list the 10 million sales of Nintendo Switch, as well as the 70 million sales of PS4 and the “good reception” that Xbox One X has obtained.

“2017 was also a year in which Japanese game titles represented a significant presence on the global consumer console game market,” he continued. “While the consumer console game market has been solid in the West over the past several years, it has struggled in Japan. However, we expect the Japanese market to gain significant vitality going forward as it joins the overall trend.”

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You can check his full statement at the following link.