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Square Enix talks about Final Fantasy XV PC port and VR content

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Following the ceremony of the thirtieth anniversary, the Famitsu magazine also spoke with Hajime Tabata about Final Fantasy XV and heard about the VR and the PC version of the game.

The Famitsu magazine delivers a new interview about the Final Fantasy VII Remake (item) and the subject this time is on Final Fantasy XV and necessarily Hajime Tabata gives the answer to us. Here is a list of the most crisp information.

Tabata says there have been many more digital sales for FFXV. They have seen good numbers, not just in Japan, but in the US and Europe, and they are happy with that. Concerning the returns of players from the West, Hajime explains that there have been many satisfactory returns. Many comments like: This is a very important title and marking a stage for the evolution of the saga. Nevertheless, he admits that the players who give the maximum priority to the scenario content have the same opinion as the Japanese (not necessarily positive).

On the question of whether there was screenwriting content that was cut by necessity, Hajime replied that there was none of it.
For players who have already played Chapter 13 and would like to do it again (without redoing the whole game), Hajime is thinking about a way not to start all over again.

For virtual reality, development is progressing but not to the point of announcing a release date. Concerning the long loading times for the fast travelling, the manager explains that he has a lot of items to load but that they are thinking of different ideas to solve the problem.

Hajime also explains that in future content, he has an ambition: To allow the player to travel the world as he sees fit in Regalia. However, to succeed in this, there are going to be big hurdles and lots of debug phases and the current perspective of putting it in place is complicated.

Tabata also spoke about the glitch that allows players to get in inaccessible areas (section) and according to him, these areas have not been made with the intent to allow players to explore by themselves. He specifies that there are chances that he will re-do some of the areas for the next expansions. However, re-doing as many areas as it would take years to achieve.

Hajime Tabata wants to release the game on PC as a technical attempt to show PC gamers the game of Final Fantasy XV running on the latest machines released. He would also try to develop a unique way on PC to have exclusive content such as: the possibility to create your own quests and enjoy the world of FFXV with things like mods.

Final Fantasy XV is available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One since last year. So what do you think of Hajime Tabata’s ambitions? Let’s face it, he sees the things in large on PC!