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Square Enix reports of Revenue and Profit Rise

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During its most recent earnings report, carried out this week, Square Enix revealed that in the quarter ended on June 30, profit rose from 21.1% to ¥51.2 billion JPY, while profits rose from 13.1% to ¥8950 JPY million.

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Square Enix has released its financial data for the period of three months culminated in the June 30, underlining growing revenue and profits one step away from the exit of Final Fantasy XV.

In addition, Squere Enix said that its gaming division, Digital Entertainment, earned enough success, because games for smart devices and PCs continued to have strong performance. As for console titles, Dragon Quest Heroes II had a favorable start, with higher sales in its digital version. Although no further details was given, the company said that overall, its catalog of games generated good results.

Therefore, Digital Entertainment profits grew 23.9% over the same period last year, generating ¥37.5 billion JPY. In addition, earnings increased to ¥JPY 9.5 billion, which means an increase of 15% compared to the previous year.

We must remember that this year Square Enix has 2 strong releases in regards to the second half of the year. The first is Final Fantasty XV, Hajime Tabata title to debut in September for Xbox One and PlayStation 4. The following is Rise of the Tomb Raider, that finally reached the console of Sony in October.

With the launch of Final Fantasy XV, in short, Square Enix can look to the future with a certain serenity, after passing a period of financial uncertainty that culminated after the farewll of the previous CEO Yoichi Wada and historian.