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Square Enix Renews Parasite Eve Trademark in the United Kingdom


Everything indicates that Square Enix is preparing something related to Parasite Eve, a RPG series that became quite popular during the time of the first PlayStation. In case you do not remember, the company made a brand registration recently in Europe; however, it has not made any announcement about it.

Despite the above, we have a new clue about a possible relaunch of Parasite Eve. This we tell you since the studio made a new registration of the series, but this time only for the United Kingdom.

Square Enix completed the process on February 7 in the Intellectual Property Office of the said region. Given this, there are those who believe that in the coming weeks there will be news related to Parasite Eve. The registry does not give information about the company’s plans, so for now there is no more information about it.

It is important to mention that the first installment of the franchise did not have an official launch in Europe. Thus, it is significant that the registration only applies to that continent, as this could mean that Square Enix will finally launch the title.

Another possibility is that the company is preparing a port, but for now everything is conjecture, because nothing is confirmed. Parasite Eve debuted in 1998 for PlayStation and its sequel arrived in America in the year 2000. It was until 2011 that we saw The 3rd Birthday on PSP.

For now there is nothing to do but wait to know with certainty the surprise that Square Enix is preparing.

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