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Square Enix Will Reveal “Major” Games Release Dates After March 2018

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Many fans of Square Enix are waiting for official information about the upcoming titles of the company, specifically Final Fantasy VII Remake and Kingdom Hearts III.

Final Fantasy VII Screenshot

Although the development stage of the company’s major titles is not known, the final release dates will be announced before or during E3 2018. This was reported by Yosuke Matsuda, CEO and president of the company.

As part of the presentation of its financial report, Yosuke Matsuda, general manager of Square Enix, revealed that all his plans regarding game development and the estimated times for its creation and launch are coming out as expected. An example of this situation is the declaration of Matsuda, who assured that we will know the release dates of important games between April and June of next year.

“Development efforts for major titles are underway at both our overseas and domestic studios. We will be making announcements about the release dates of those titles between the end of FY2018/3 and E3,” Matsuda-san said.

Subsequently, Matsuda revealed that there is no pressure in Square Enix for the development of a number of important titles and that the organization and fulfillment of goals have respected the established times: “I believe you will be able to tell how long our development lead times are based on the launch dates we will be announcing for our games going forward. I will say that we are facing less risk of having to engage in re-work thanks to the precision with which we are approaching our designs in the initial phase of each development project. I believe that the development efforts for the new titles we will be launching starting in FY2019/3 are proceeding in line with our plans.”

On the other hand, the manager also revealed that currently, they are thinking about the best strategy to maximize the potential of each one and obtain large revenues.

In this way, we can wait, impatiently, for next year’s arrival to know the official launch dates of the great Square Enix titles.