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Rumor: Square Enix Could Bring Kingdom Hearts III to Nintendo Switch

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Kingdom Hearts III will be released on January 25th next year on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but Square Enix would be interested in adapting it to Nintendo Switch.

At least that’s what YouTuber Dreamcastguy says, with up close sources to the editor, who would be considering to bring Sora’s new adventure to the Nintendo console.

Although there is no proof of these statements, Dreamcastguy had information about the presence of Final Fantasy on Switch – confirmed last month with several titles. In any case, his comment speaks of the desire of the studio and does not state that it is in development.

Last year, the director Tetsuya Nomura also indicated that he could study the possibility once the game ended on the two consoles where it was announced, and that Switch was “a very interesting piece of hardware”, but he did not make any kind of promise.

Kingdom Hearts III will put the end to the saga of Xehanort, so that most of the main characters that have been appearing in the series, will be present in this title. Other characters from Disney and Pixar will also return. The title will be available on January 25, 2019, on PS4 and Xbox One.