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Square Enix is hiring devs for Final Fantasy VII remake

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Final Fantasy VII Remake advances its development in the greatest secrets, and although sometimes escapes information about the expected role-playing game, it is rare that Square Enix gives official details away from the big events. Will we see it in E3 2017? It is not something that is still clear. What we do know is the existence of new job offers related to the ambitious project.

Final Fantasy VII Remake download available soon on PS4

Square Enix is signing staff to work on the Remake of the video game that conquered a generation of players of the first PlayStation console. The project is under development for PlayStation 4, console that will receive it exclusively, and needs to cover roles as battle planner, animation designer, level planner, designer of effects and programmer.

Job offers can be found directly on the developer’s Japanese website, where three levels involved in the project expose the overwhelming nature of this development and offer the opportunity to build a career in the working sector on the Remake. Kitase, Nomura and Hamaguchi talk about the need to forge a solid team work that “maintains the essence” of the original game adapting it to the new times.

These offers of Square Enix seems linked to one of the great sagas of the Japanese producer. Some have come to relate it to a hypothetical Final Fantasy XVI which would have already started to set its pre-production phase after the launch of the first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be a game divided into episodes and for the moment it has no release date.