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Square Enix asks fans in a poll if they want a NieR edition PS4 console

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Platinum Games is working hard for Nier: Automata, one of its most anticipated titles for PlayStation 4, and meanwhile the distributor Square Enix asked its fans if they are interested in buying a special edition PlayStation 4 with reasons for this title.

Nier Automata

Square Enix wants to know if the fans are interested in a possible PlayStation 4 console allusive to Nier: Automata, its new game that is in development at Platinum Games.

The company did not mention whether the hypothetical limited edition would be the PlayStation 4 Slim or PlayStation 4 Pro, but asked through the social networks if fans would like to buy the game along with a special console in February.

Lately Platinum Games has been with full of hands, featuring games like Korra, Transformers, Star Fox Zero, and Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles, among other projects. But there is no doubt that Nier: Automata, which will arrive in February to Japan, is one of the most expected game that has risen; for now there is no release date for the west.

The options included in the survey- which Square Enix has made on Twitter via the official Japanese account of the company – on a special console of PlayStation 4 provides the following responses: a) would buy it b) would buy 2 c) would buy it and a Pro also, and d) would not buy it.

On February 23, the Japanese will get Nier: Automata in stores for the PlayStation 4 in normal version and a special edition of the game, while in Europe it is still scheduled for PC and PS4 on a date to be confirmed soon.

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