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Sports Sims Have Not Just Arrived But are Here to Stay

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To be exact the shock that gamblers were feeling resembled nuclear wasteland survivors.  COVID-19 shut down sports and individuals that were used to every day action had nothing.  In like manner sportsbooks were down for the count.  Hourly betting on sports online boards were blank.  First exotic games from exotic lands were offered to the wagering public.  No sale!  With nothing to lose the books decided on a whim to try sports simulations.  Handle exploded and the rest is history.  In this situation accident was turned into design.  Sports sims are here to stay!

What are Sports Sims?

Specifically, sports sims are video games that you have likely played, seen played, or advertised.  The most famous of them all is Madden NFL 20.  Sports sims are designed to reflect real life results in a video game format.  For example, Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs should dominate the Jacksonville Jaguars in Madden NFL 20.  By combining a host of statistical data with subjective ratings in numerous different skill categories players are recreated.  To illustrate Mahomes will have great mobility and rank as a dominant quarterback.  Chicago’s Mitchell Trubisky will frustrate with inconsistency as in real life.  

Owing to that meticulous design do Madden NFL 20 results resemble actual games.  No, the Jaguars are not going to be Super Bowl bound.  New England will struggle without game breaking playmakers.  Green Bay will be too reliant upon Aaron Rodgers.  And the Giants and Jets will be rendered helpless.  It follows that Jameis Winston will be an interception machine. San Francisco will be extremely solid and balanced.  Yet lacking that one weapon to put a game away.  This is the genius of Madden NFL 20.  As a consequence, gamblers and sportsbooks can trust its reliable quality.  

Madden NFL 20 Bombs COVID-19 

Pro Football is king in the world of gambling.  In the same way does it dominate simulate sports betting.  Once sportsbooks offered Madden NFL 20 an opening was created.  Just as important as the realistic results were the stunning graphics and sound.  Gamblers watching Madden NFL 20 games had a hard time telling the difference between a real life telecast.  To illuminate the visual appeal is a draw.  Actual NFL TV broadcasters are engineered into the game for added enhancements.  Within a week Madden NFL 20 became a sportsbook hit.  

MLB The Show 20 a Grand Slam 

It is true that Major League Baseball has blown a tremendous opportunity.  A COVID-19 return would have gone gangbusters at CashBet sportsbook.  Despite the fact that MLB naturally social distances greed destroyed an early comeback.  Not withstanding that is MLB The Show 20.  Baseball simulation action has proven to be a hit.  Gerrit Cole is in Cy Young form.  And Pete Alonso is the rookie sensation home run king.  It follows that MLB The Show 20 graphics make for a perfect day at the ball park.  

NHL 20 EA Sports Puts Boredom on Ice 

Spring means Stanley Cup playoff hockey.  For that reason, NHL 20 EA Sports has filled the void.  Despite the fact that hockey ranks a distant fourth in “Big Four” popularity.  EA Sports became famous for its NHL 94 simulation.  It was so good that non-hockey fans would buy and play it.  Now that the NHL return is delayed gamblers have found NHL 20 EA Sports worth betting on.  More emphatically when you see Alex Ovechkin’s deadly power play shot from left wing you know it’s for real!

NBA 2K20 Dunks on Coronavirus 

Equally important this time of year are the NBA Playoffs.  Could Giannis and the Bucks take King James and the Lakers?  Would Kawhi and the Clippers be able to conquer Los Angeles?  NBA 2K20 gives us the answers.  Basketball gambling on this sports sim has been heated.  Increasingly there are neutral observers that will say this game is the best one of all.  

Sports Sims are Here to Stay 

Although it is true that sports sims began as crisis improvisation they are not going away.  When real life play resumes sports sims will remain on the board.  Why?  Sports gamblers love action and sports sims can offer it like nothing else.  In particular there is no need for travel or rest.  The same team can play every hour of every day in a sports sim.  To conclude sports wagering has found a growth market!