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Rumor: Splinter Cell 7 Could be Announced at the November X018

According to a rumor spread by the insider Rodney Bouch, Ubisoft could announce Splinter Cell 7 during X018, the Xbox Fan Fest which will be held on November 10th and 11th in Mexico City.

“I just heard that Sam Fisher was taking Spanish lesson right now in Westmount. Seem that he could be reading for is next mission in M*X*CO…,” can be read from the Twitter account of the insider.

Ironically, the insider says that Sam Fisher is taking Spanish lessons to prepare for the next mission to be held in Mexico, where the X018 festival will take place. In the past, Bouch has proven reliable by revealing the acquisitions of Playground Games and Ninja Theory by Microsoft, Rodney seems to be very close to the Redmond house …

For some time we talked about the possible return of Sam Fisher and Splinter Cell 7 has appeared several times in the lists of retailers, some rumors at pre-E3 wanted the game made in partnership (probably only in terms of communication and marketing) with Xbox, but at the moment everything is silent on the part of the two companies.

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