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Splatoon Patch 1.3.0 download available now

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Splatoon is a popular Wii U game that was released on May 30, 2015. This game has a nice rating and recently a new patch was released for same. The patch version is 1.3.0. A short video is available on YouTube uploaded by GamingVlogNetwork. This video explains you a lot about the patch fixes. I had linked the video below.

Splatoon Patch 1.3.0 Pics
Splatoon Patch 1.3.0 Pics

This patch is quite essential for the game as it is going to add a lot of fixes. It is not only going to enhance the gaming output but with that it will also make some major changes for better visibility. The patch does some fixes in the game that helps you to play with more comfort. Like the Splatfest that helps you to have one team to compete with other.

It also has a match-making process where a team is selected to battle against you. The update will allow members to get Splatfest point when they start the battle. Some adjustment has been done to make the gameplay pleasant for players. The patch will surely reduce the server load speed so that you can instantly connect and start playing it immediately. There is also little weapon adjustment. Ninja Squid gets low swim speed and stealth jump will be lot longer. Overall the patch will help you to play game in much better way. It would be easier for you to battle with others and get better area coverage. The best way to find changes is to watch the below video.