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Splatoon 2.0.0 Patch download available on August 5 2015

Splatoon was launched in May 28, 2015 on Wii U. The game features a third-person shooter gameplay and is quite popular for the Wii U platform. The game is going to get a new patch that is going to add some fixes and improvements in the game. The patch version is 2.0.0 and the size of this patch is around 610MB. The patch brings a few extra things that would let players to play this game with new challenges. Like there is a new Tag Match in the game. This is a new kind of mode that will help you to play Splatoon with your friends. Or you can join them and play the rank based matches in this mode. And for this you must have a level of 10+. Or else you cannot enter the rank mode. You can also link up with friends of friends once you are linked up with your friends. This can be impressive to give you a direct connection with others. If you want to restrict people in joining the match then you can add a password and share that with others.

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At a time this Tag Match mode supports players of 2, 3 and 4 in group. It is possible to play a group of 3 friends with a group of 4 players. Along with the patch it also has a Private Match mode. This means you can play with only those whom you want to. So it is a kind of private thing for the players. There are also certain changes in the level that is now increased up to 50 in the game. In rank there are two additions that are S and S+. You can raise the rank to this in the Ranked Match and also in the Tag Mode. Once you gain S+ then your rank will remain preserved even if you lose later on. With this there are also lots of changes.

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