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Spinach Extract: Is it An Effective Weight Loss Supplement?

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It is quite common for people looking to lose weight to shift to supplements in the hope that they will find a shortcut to help with weight loss.  A common weight loss supplement that came into the market quite recently is the spinach extract. There are claims that it can help you lose weight by lowering cravings and appetite. Here is a review of this extract and the impact it has on weight loss. 


What is the Spinach Extract?

This is a supplement developed from spinach leaves and is meant to provide people with a natural way to shed weight. It goes by the name Appethyl. The spinach extract comes in powdered form. You prepare it for use by mixing with some water or your favorite smoothie. It is also available in many other forms such as snack and capsules. 

The powder is mostly concentrated thylakoids from the spinach leaves. These tiny structures can be found within the chloroplast. Thylakoids make spinach extract ideal for weight loss because they are 70 percent protein, chlorophyll, antioxidants 30 percent fat. 

Thylakoids do not occur in spinach leaves only. They occur in all green plants, meaning you can make these supplement from any other green plant. In addition, it is possible for people to name call their supplement spinach extract. The kind we are referring to in this article is the one made from Appethyl.

How spinach extracts work

Thylakoid from your spinach extract is known to suppress the enzyme lipase, the enzyme responsible for breaking down fat. This causes delays in fat breakdown, increasing your appetite. The thylakoids also lower the concentration of hormones such as glucagon and ghrelin.  

Unlike most pharmaceuticals that help with weight loss, thylakoids work by slowing down the breakdown of fat. For this reason, thylakoid does not have the kind of side effect you are likely to find in lipase inhibiting medications. Other weight loss supplements may cause stomach cramping and fatty stools. 

Will it cause weight loss?

Research on animals has found that thylakoids can reduce weight and body fat. A few studies involving obese adults showed that 3.7 to 5 g of the extract might cause your appetite to reduce for up to a few hours. Because the extract suppresses your appetite, taking it in your meals every day may help you lose weight. it is been said that hgh for fat loss is also very beneficial. 

 A study involving obese women showed that taking close 5 g of the extract for a period spanning 3 months led to a 43 percent loss in weight compared to those who were on a placebo. BMI, body and lean mass also decreased. 

HGH also makes an ideal supplement if you are not particularly excited about thylakoids. This supplement has been found to cause the body to shed weight without necessarily working out. The challenge, in this case, would be figuring out how to buy real HGH online. There are plenty of licensed clinics with detailed information on how to buy real HGH online. Doctors are also well informed on matters to do with HGH, so ask your doctor to guide you on how to buy real HGH online. 

Thylakoids can help you fight cravings

Spinach extracts suppress the brain’s reward mechanism causing cravings to reduce. A recent study involving obese women showed that when they took 5 g of the extract each day, their cravings for things like chocolate and sweets reduced by close to 95 and 87 percent respectively. 

Another similar study found that 5 g of the extract caused cravings for snacks to reduce. The snacks, in this case, included the salty, fatty and sweet kind. The reduction in your craving could be because spinach extract enhances releases of the hormone glucagon. This peptide stimulates the brain’s rewards mechanism. 

Safety versus Side effects

There are no known severe side effects from taking spinach extract. In a healthy person, it could cause your insulin levels to go down. This will raise your blood level temporarily. However, the extract does not appear to cause a long-term effect on the body’s sugar regulation mechanism. 

Dosage and use

The best dose is somewhere between 4 and 5 g, and it is best taken together with your meals. However, you will have to consume it for quite a while before you notice tangible results. Because it delays the breakdown of body fat, it causes your appetite to go down. It works best when you take it before you eat a meal with fat. 

Plus, do not expect to see a great change by consuming this extract on its own. As is common with most other weight loss supplements, you need to adjust your lifestyle as well. 

Wrap Up

Based on research findings, spinach extract can help you shed weight. It does this by delay break down of fat in the body causing your appetite to reduce. For best result, you should consume it in conjunction with other medications.